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Founded in 1972 on the principals of quality and service, Phoenix Industries has long established itself as a trusted name in the Polyethylene packaging marketplace.  Our “service first” approach combined with targeted product expertise has been the foundation to forging and maintaining successful relationships with our valued customers. As a national distributor of custom-sized and blended polyethylene bags and films, machine length and handheld stretch films, as well as carton sealing tapes, we use our proficiencies to take a consultative approach to meet the needs of our customers.  Whether it is new packaging design, improving efficiencies or cost reduction, Phoenix Industries combines its decades of experience and knowledge to help your company with its individual packaging requirements. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of service to you.  

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Vincent Norcia

Vincent Norcia

Owner, General Manager

Vincent Norcia has spent his entire career involved in the flexible packaging industry.  From production and shipping, to sales and management with a national manufacturer, he has a deep knowledge and understanding of products and how to service the market.  Vincent worked for a national manufacturer of polyethylene products for over 30 years. He worked his way from shipping and production in his formidable years, into sales and  management as he grew his professional career. In the early 2000’s he became owner of Phoenix Industries, managing the company, and continuing to do what he enjoys most, building customer relationships.
Brent Norcia

Brent Norcia

Co-Owner and Sales Manager

Brent Norcia joined Phoenix Industries in 2009 from the shipping and logistics sales background.  After graduation from University of Pittsburgh, he began his sales career with a national logistics company before joining Phoenix Industries to grow and lead his sales team.  Since then, his aggressive sales approach has expanded the company’s reach into new markets while also growing its existing customers organically with new product offerings.
Stephen Norcia

Stephen Norcia

Co-Owner and Director

Stephen Norcia started with Phoenix Industries in 2015 coming from a background in paints and coatings, and software sales.  After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, he went to work for a global paints and coatings manufacturer beginning his career in sales.  He transitioned his career into software sales for several years expanding his sales background and building customer relationships. In 2015, he brought his career into the packaging world where he hit the ground running to expand Phoenix Industries’ customer base by promoting new products to offer their customers.  Stephen has helped the company grow its base organically and adding new customers while promoting Phoenix Industries’ position in the marketplace. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys his time with his wife, pup, and working around his house. Time on the golf course doesn’t take a backseat though.


I love working with Phoenix Industries because they go out of their way to make sure you get personalized service, quality products and great pricing. They will come out and personally assess what is needed and then deliver the necessary items quickly. As if all that wasn’t already great, they are super friendly and want to spend the time to get to know you as well. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with everything. Estefania

Purchasing Manager

Phoenix Industries has been a valued supplier of poly sheets to our company for several years.  The logistics involved in delivering this product for our five factories are subject to a strict time schedule, and Phoenix Industries has always been up to the challenge.  Not only has the delivery of this product been made in a timely manner, but the product has met our demands. Paul


Phoenix Industries has been a vendor of ours for 25+ years and we consider them an essential partner in our plant operations.  Phoenix is responsive to our needs, provides great products, and ensures they are delivered on time and at the right price! Matt

Purchasing Coordinator

Let’s start with service, it is outstanding.  They really provide that personal touch. Customer experience deserves 5 stars.  Next is the product; top notch quality and the price is right. When there is a problem with the product, they will come down, same day, to make it right.  These are absolute professionals. Delivery is always fast and reliable. 4 stars. The most important reason for this review is to give others insight into this hidden gem.  What separates Phoenix apart is the staff. They are knowledgeable, friendly and fair. They always go above and beyond to understand and deliver our company needs. Joe

Operations Manager

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